Egg Roll (4)

Perfectly crispy, with a vegetable filling


Fried Pork Wonton (12)

Crunchy, with savory pork center


Paper Wrapped Chicken (4)

Foil Wrapped Marinated Chicken


Cream Cheese Wonton (6)

Crunchy with soft cream cheese filling


Chinese Chicken Salad

Fresh greens and grilled chicken, sprinkled with crispy white noodles


Teriyaki Beef Sticks (4)

Thinly sliced marinated teriyaki beef on bamboo skewers


Sliced BBQ Pork


Fried Jumbo Shrimp (4)

Battered, panko-crusted, and golden fried


Steamed Dumplings (8)

Pork or Chicken filling


Potstickers (8)

Our homemade dumplings, steamed then finished off in a pan to give it a crisp pan-sear bottom


Szechuan Wonton (10)

Delicate wontons in our signature spicy sauce


Bar-B-Q Spareribs (4)

Chinese version of barbeque ribs in a sweet glaze


Assorted Appetizer Tray (For Two)

Two each of the following appetizers: eggrolls, bbq spareribs, foil wrapped chicken, fried wonton, beef stick, fried shrimp.


Pork Xiao Long Bao

Roughly translating to “little dragon bun”, these dumpling-like steamed delights are filled with hot meat and broth. Use precaution when biting into one! Comes with 8


Salt & Pepper Wings (8)

Crisp chicken wings flavored with salt and pepper, served with slices of jalapeno


Salt & Pepper Calimari Ring

Breaded rings of fried calimari that’s been flavored with salt and pepper, served with slices of jalapeno


BBQ Pork Bao (4)